The prices quoted are South African Rand’s inclusive of VAT. Note that the products, availability and prices may vary from time to time and might not be updated on the website in time. We encourage you to contact the Moredou Sales Team should you have any interest in our products. The prices represent the items as shown, any changes e.g. different fabric/leather will result in a different price.

Moredou reserves the right to change the pricing and products at any time.


Congratulations on your purchase from Moredou

Kindly familiarise yourselves with the purchasing-, ordering process, payment options, delivery and/or collection process and the return or cancellation policy

In addition, please read the care instructions carefully

Placements of orders & custom made order

Upon confirmation and request for an order, a deposit of 50% will be required. No products will be ordered unless the deposit is confirmed by Moredou’s accounting department. Please ensure that the product would fit into the required space, can fit through doors and passage ways prior to confirmation.  Moredou will not be hold responsible for incorrect orders.

Once the deposit is confirmed, the order becomes binding and cannot be altered or cancelled. Please ensure the order is correct before the deposit is paid.

The estimated lead times will be confirmed at the time of order as it varies from supplier to supplier and time of the year.

Upon confirmation from Moredou (telephonically, email, sms or though social media means) that goods are ready for collection/delivery, the balance of payment must be made within 3 business days from such confirmation date.

Custom made orders, where the order is to the customer’s specification for e.g. size, colour, specific measurements etc., need to be paid in full upon request for order. Custom made orders cannot be cancelled, altered or refunded. Please ensure that the order reflects all your specifications.

PAYMENT options

We accept the major credit and debit cards. We welcome EFT payments – allow for up to 3 business days for the transaction to be confirmed by Moredou’s accounting department.

Note that no deliveries or collection of goods will take place/be allowed unless all amounts are paid in full and confirmed.

All invoices must be kept and should be referenced for any enquiry in future.

The product remains the property of Moredou until such time as full payment has been confirmed by the Moredou accounting team


Moredou will contact you to make arrangement for deliveries. Delivery fees will be charged and must be paid using any of the payment options. Goods will only leave the premises if full payment has been confirmed by Moredou.

Although an estimated time of delivery will be confirmed for a specific date, times might vary as a result of unexpected delays e.g. road blocks, prior delivery taking longer than expected.

Please advise the Moredou team should there be any special requirements e.g. stairways etc. on the way to the placements of goods.

Kindly note that we make use of a delivery vehicle and need access as close as possible to the place of delivery. You are responsible to ensure that the vehicle and our delivery team have access to the place of delivery

Our delivery team is not allowed to move any of your furniture and or appliances around in your house, only to place the new goods as directed. Please ensure there is clear access to the room where the delivery should take place as Moredou does not accept any responsibility for damages and breakages

Upon completion of delivery, an adult needs to sign the form, confirming successful delivery and that goods are receipt in good order. Please note that any defects should be reported to Moredou within 24 hours of receipt – do not use the product

Returns and refunds policy

In the unfortunate event that you wish to return a product, you can return it to Moredou, unused and in the original condition within 48 hours. Proof of purchase must be provided. Moredou will consider all aspects prior to acceptance of return.

Should you require Moredou to collect the product, an additional collection fee will be discussed and must be paid in full prior to collection

Please note that no refunds are allowed once a return has been approved by Moredou. A credit note will be issued to you

Please note that custom made products cannot be returned or refunded unless defective craftsmanship can be proven


Should you wish to collect your goods, please indicate as such to the Sales Team at the time of sale. Upon confirmation from Moredou (telephonically, email, sms or though social media means) that goods are ready for collection, the balance of payment must be made within 3 business days from such confirmation date. Goods must be collected within 7 business days from such confirmation date. Collection date must be arranged with and confirmed by Moredou.  Collection times on week days only between 9:30 and 15:30.

No goods will be packaged, wrapped etc. Goods should be inspected prior to collection and must be signed for prior to loading. Should you require the goods to be wrapped and packaged, arrangements for the collection must state clearly you require such a service. An additional packaging fee will apply. Please allow for extra time to allow our team to wrap and package the goods after you have inspected it. You are required to provide sufficient fastening material.

Moredou takes no responsibility for the goods once it is loaded onto your vehicle.


Moredou does not offer storage facilities for purchase goods. Should goods not be accepted for delivery or collected in the time frame as indicated above, storage fees of R 200-00 per day will apply. Goods will not be released if storage fees are not paid in full. Moredou takes no responsibility for goods stored as such and you store the goods at your own risk.


Care instructions

The following section provides some guidance for you on caring for your product. It is by no means an exhaustive list.

Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather is a natural product and as a result will have “imperfections” such as bite marks, stretch marks and in some instances brand marks. This all contributes to the natural uniqueness of the product. In instances where leather is dyed, due to the cell structure the colour might be slightly lighter or darker on one piece of leather. Leather might also become softer and stretch over time

 is the premium leather choice. This fully authentic leather retains the natural texture and markings of the hide. No corrections to the hide have been made. Full grain leathers are coloured with clear (aniline) or semi-clear (semi-aniline) dyes, without covering the natural grain and markings.


CORRECTED GRAIN LEATHER hides, although they retain their quality, thickness, strength and supple feel, are gently buffed to even out the grain to remove unwanted markings and then embossed with a uniform grain pattern. Depending on the condition of the hide, the level of alteration could be partly to fully corrected. Partly corrected hides are coloured with semi-aniline dyes, and fully corrected hides are dyed with opaque pigments to be more effective at covering natural marks.


The furniture is made for use in a normal household. Lounge suites were designed for your comfort, however, the armrest and edges of the back cushions were not made for seating. Headrests and areas where hands continuously rub will take additional wear and tear and your might have to cover it.

Please protect all upholstered and leather products from sunlight. Cover or draw curtains if necessary.

Cleaning of Leather

  • Remove dust with a clean soft duster
  • For any spills, damp with a soft cloth immediately. Leather can be stained from liquid spills and should be avoided!
  • Determine the type of leather for your product and only use the appropriate leather conditioner sold by Moredou. Avoid any other type of abrasive cleaners and do not wash your leather product
  • Depending on the use of your product, leather conditioning should be applied every 4 – 12 months
  • The consultants at Moredou will help you identify the correct leather conditioning suitable for your product and will explain the application process


  • Upholstered products should be dusted regularly
  • A vacuum cleaner can be used provided is has an upholster attachment
  • Liquid spills should be avoided as it could lead to stains
  • Wet wash of upholstered products/carpets are not recommended as it could lead to the “bleeding’ of the colours in the fabric.
  • Professional cleaning of Fabric and Carpets are recommended.

Wooden furniture

  • Some wooden furniture is made from reclaimed wood and will therefore have several “imperfection” markings adding to its uniqueness
  • Avoid liquid spills at all cost as this could lead to stains
  • Hot appliances, cups, pots and pans etc. can leave burn marks on wooden surfaces
  • Discuss the cleaning and conditioning options with a Moredou consultant


In some instances, warranties are provided by the supplier of the product to Moredou. Warranties as described below only apply where this is in place together with the original proof of purchase (including the Môredou invoice)

Wooden Furniture – carries a 1 year warranty for defective craftsmanship

Upholster product frames – carries a 2 year warranty for defective craftsmanship and material

Upholstery & Leather– carries no warranty as it is subject to wear and tear

Bedding – the Moredou consultants will explain warranties applicable to your purchase as it is supplier dependent

Please note that suppliers have the right to change the warranties terms and conditions at any time.